Four Things

Skip and Carolyn both tagged me so I guess I should do this. Here ya go. Useless info about Becky.

Four jobs I’ve held:
Lifeguard/Swim Instructor
Spanish Tutor
Coffee Shop

Four movies I could watch over and over:
The Last of the Mohicans
The Sandlot
The Notebook

Places I’ve lived (in order):
Colorado Springs, CO
Grand Rapids, MI
Denia, Spain
Chicago, IL
Colorado Springs, CO (5 different places!)

Four TV shows I like:
The Office
Arrested Development
American Idol

Four favorite foods:
French Toast
my dad’s Toffee Coffee ice cream
Mint Milano Minis

Where would I rather be?
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Riding my bike
At a John Mayer concert

Four people I’m tagging:

9 thoughts on “Four Things

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  1. Arrested Development was by far the most genius comedy to hit the tube in a long time. I can’t believe they cut it! I wonder why they did?

  2. No I didn’t know that, but I am thrilled…although I hope for the sanctity of the yanked series they use the original cast!

  3. I’m totally with you on the Ryan Gosling comment!! I’ve never been to Costa Rica, but hope to go sometime very soon. I would like to stay part of the time in the Arenal volcano area and then move over to the Pacific coast. I love The Office and want to get the dvd of Arrested Development because everyone says I would like it since I like the Office. I love Jason Bateman. He’s funny in everything he does!This is a fun list!

  4. Jen, the Pacific coast is Costa Rica is my most favorite place in the world! (So far, anyway…)And I joined the Arrested Development trend via DVD too … it’s great cause that way you can watch them over and over. 🙂

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