I Am Second

January 22 will be a year since Heath Ledger died. Actors in Hollywood die all the time, but for some reason his death hit me harder than most. I remember reading the headlines about him, and feeling a profound sadness. I was sad for his fiance, sad for his little girl, sad for his family but mostly I was sad for him.

I remember the big controversy about whether the pills he took were suicide or an accident – whether his role in The Dark Knight had influenced his death. Rumors were rampant and people looked for any reason why a young, successful actor would purposefully end his life. Whatever the cause of his death, it definitely shocked a lot of people.

Whenever something like that happens, I realize how totally hopeless the world is without Christ. So many are desperate for meaning and will do anything to find it.

That’s why I Am Second is so inspiring.

Hearing these people put God first and proclaim the Truth is incredible.

Watch the ones about Rod Bayron, Brian Welch, Shannon Culpepper and Nate Larkin. Oh and I enjoyed hearing Jason Castro‘s story, too.

Actually, you should probably just watch them all.

One of the most amazing things about God is that He is a God of redemption. He longs to redeem broken people. I love this about God.

The world needs to know.

ht: Fay

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  1. Thanks so much — I love this site! I’m a huge fan of Jason Castro, and didn’t even realize he really is a Christian (I suspected it). I’m so glad to see this video about him — what a great person, not to mention his amazing vocal abilities.

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