Meet Elember

A hurricane hit El Salvador this past weekend. I know this because I have to report on it for my job. Whenever there’s a crisis, my task list gets reordered around that crisis. So as I was going about my newly rearranged El Salvador-focused Monday morning To Do list, I opened Compassion’s home page.

And I fell in love.

This is Elember.
He’s four.
He has the cutest bowl haircut I think I’ve ever seen.
And now half his country’s under water.

Will you sponsor him? Or if you can’t, will you forward this to someone who will?

I’m telling you, it would make Elember’s day.

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  1. Hey Lea-Normally, Compassion will contact you if your child is affected. But.You know people. 🙂 Send me your child's number and I can let you know.

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