He Asked and I Said Yes

I have some exciting news. CHRIS AND I ARE ENGAGED!

I know, right? I didn’t see it coming either. Want to hear the story? (Warning: It’s kind of long, so if you’re interested in the details, read on. For you bottom line types … he asked and I said yes.)

The Story
Chris and I have always thought it would be fun to take a random vacation day. Not for anything in particular … just a day off. So not too long ago, we decided on Friday, April 24th and the plan was to take a day trip to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs.

Then last weekend, Chris got sick. I’m talking really SICK – cough, head cold, muscle aches, chills, seriously high fever – the works. He kept getting worse, so on Sunday we went to Emergicare, where they took his temperature (103.3 degrees!) and told him he had the Flu and Pneumonia. So he spent all last week at home, most of the time sleeping. By the time Thursday night rolled around, he was feeling somewhat better, but was still really weak. We decided to call the spontaneous vacation day off until he was feeling better, but late Thursday night, he sent me a text that said “Keep the vacation day. You need a day of fun and I intend to give you one.”

We decided, however, against the Mt. Princeton plan. Since he had just spent a week with a fever, Chris didn’t really like the idea of spending the day sitting in water that would elevate his body temperature again. The weather forecast was very warm, and we still needed something non-strenuous, so we decided to take the dogs and spend the day up at a park in Denver. We packed a lunch, sunscreen, a blanket and a bunch of books.

We got to Denver about 11 am. Chris parked the truck and, instead of unloading the dogs and picnic stuff, said, “Let’s go this way” and headed in the opposite direction. Then he says, “Um we’re not actually going to the dog park” and we walk up to a day spa. He had booked us four hours of spa time! (Yeah … I got a good one.) We did a saltwater floatation thing, a facial and a hot stone massage. It. Was. Awesome.

When we’re done, we got the dogs and headed down to the lake a few blocks away and then to the real dog park to let them run. (Welcome to our life with three dogs.)

Then we went to dinner at Bang, this funky little restaurant in the Highlands. After dinner, we wandered a few shops down to this wine shop, where they are having a wine tasting, so of course, we tasted. We popped into the gourmet cheese store next door, then poked around in a used book store.

After we wandered around a while, we hopped in the truck and headed over to Bonnie Brae to get ice cream cones. (It was at this point that I finally started taking pictures. I thought I’d get a good photo or two for my photo blog.)

After ice cream we walked around the neighborhood pointing out what we like or don’t like about people’s houses. Finally we headed back to the truck.

He pulled into Wash Park as the sun is going down and says, “Let’s go walk.” So we headed down towards the lake. As we got closer to the water, there were huge clouds of mosquitoes. (I’m not sure WHAT they were doing since this is Colorado, the land of no bugs.) But anyway, we quickly left the water and moved up to this open grassy area. I decided it’s a good spot for pictures, so I started taking some and he got goofy.

After a few minutes, he said, “So …” and then stops. I’m not oblivious … I know what’s coming, so I said, “So … what?” And he said, “We should go.”

So I’m like, “YES I will! Wait … what?” (Okay that response was all in my head.) But suddenly I’m doubting what I had thought had been obviously coming and I feel stupid for even thinking he’s going to propose.

As we walked back to the truck, he saw a cement picnic table and suggested we sit on it. Then he told me that the day is very special to him because four years before was the day he had become a Christian. Um … WOW. We talked about that for a few minutes and then he got up. I got up to follow him to the truck and he said, “Sit back down!” Then he got on his knee and handed me the ring and said, “Will you be my wife?” I said “Yes” and put the ring on.

It fits perfectly.

The Crazy God Part
A while back, when Chris and I were just starting to get serious, I decided that since I had never even looked at diamond rings, I should probably look at least a little to figure out what I like. So one day I looked at a few web sites and saved a couple pictures of rings I thought were pretty.

Not long after that, I asked Chris if he wanted my input whenever the time might come when he chooses a ring and he said no. He wanted to pick it himself. So after that conversation, I decided not to look anymore so as not get my hopes set on something in particular.

Chris had picked out a certain ring, but then a couple months ago, God woke him up in the middle of the night and told him to get this other one (the one above.) He thought the setting resembled an ichthus fish, symbolic of the fact that he was planning to propose on the day he accepted Christ.

Well look at the ring that I had saved on my computer way so long ago … the one Chris never saw.
God completely blows me away.

25 thoughts on “He Asked and I Said Yes

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  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!Oh man oh man oh man am I excited about this! CONGRATULATIONS!Sometimes, you pray a lot about stuff for a really long time, and sometimes you’re like what the heck, God? And then sometimes He’s just all like BAM. Told you so. I’m God and you’re not.I love that part. That happened to you. :)Can’t wait for the wedding!

  2. Becky, (and Chris) congratulations! What a special story and exciting step in your relationship and life. I’m very excited for you!

  3. Congrats!! ๐Ÿ™‚ And blessings on all the exciting days ahead. It is truly amazing to get to spend the rest of your days with your best friend that God created totally for you!

  4. Holy freakin’ cow, Becky!!!!! I am seriously ELATED for you. ELATED! Oh man, I love how God works. Is this not the perfect answer to that long, long, long prayer, or what!? Wow. I’ve been checking your blog on a semi-regular basis, just expecting this news. I’m SO glad to finally read about it. And, love the ring. Absolutely gorgeous–it fits such an amazing woman. Chris, I don’t know you yet, but as the Aussie’s say, “Good on ya!” I don’t know why I said that. I’m not an Aussie. I’m just gettin’ a bit loopy with this wonderful news. You’ve made my day!

  5. Becky – so glad about your amazing news!!! If I were there, I’d be running down to your desk this week to give a hug and see the ring. So, consider yourself hugged!

  6. All right!!!!!! This is the post I’ve been waiting for! Congratulations! Love the ring and the other pics too. But I think the ring should’ve been around the collar of one of the dogs all day long — just to see how long it would’ve taken Becky to notice it —

  7. I am SO excited for you all! Tim told me your good news and I just was OVERJOYED!! I’m so glad you wrote about the proposal–I’m a sucker for romantic stories and you all definately ahve one. Congratulations to you both!

  8. CONGRATS, BECKY! I’m so happy for both of you (even though I don’t know Chris), and I love the engagement story! Blessings!

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