SkiDo 2009

The weekend in Frisco was awesome. What a way to start the year.

We stayed in this amazing condo. It was spacious, with gorgeous views out every window. And you want to know the best part? It had heated floors.
We played a lot of games. I introduced everyone to one of my family’s favorite games … Dutch Blitz.
On Saturday John made us a gourmet breakfast of French Toast with Blackberry Syrup. French Toast is my favorite food. Ever.

Then everyone went skiing. (Well, everyone except me.)
We had a delish dinner at the Dam Brewery in Dillon.
Barb had her Nikon and took one billion pictures. This is one of my favorites.
Sunday we went snowshoeing. The day was perfect. One of the best days I’ve ever spent in the mountains. Seriously … it doesn’t get much better than this.
I claim to hate snow but I think I changed my mind.

Here we are talking to Matt. Matt is VERY tall. Apparently he was saying something very funny.
Awww …

Chris thought it might be funny to dump me in the snow.

Who’s laughing now, Bubs?

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  1. Wow those are some really good shots. Makes me want to buy a sweet camera and take some fancy pics of my own.Also, know what’s weird? Once when I was like 18 years old, Ben and Bek and someone else and I all went and stayed in Dillon and ate at the Dam Brewery and Ben and I both got the ginormous appetizer nachos as our meal after being told by the server that nobody can ever finish those by themselves and we tried and we ate and we felt sick and then we kept eating and then we almost died and no we didn’t quite finish them I don’t think cause I’m pretty sure I would have remembered if we had and then we both bought shirts that said “Get your own dam beer!” and then we went back to the hotel and both felt sick and had to use the lobby bathroom cause we didn’t want to blow up the hotel room one that everybody had to use.Good times. I still have the shirt.

  2. You know what? I HAD my nice Nikon there but, genius that I am, the batteries had died and guess who didn’t bring the charger? So these shots were taken on my little Canon Powershot.That’s funny about the nachos. Funny and kind of gross, too.

  3. How fun! The snowshoeing pic is beautiful. I actually, sorta kinda, um, miss snow (that was hard for me to write) when I see pics like that.

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