The Wedding I Never Dreamed Of

The first question everyone asked after we announced our engagement is “Have you set a date?” We haven’t. So the first thing I’ve learned is: try to figure out a date before you announce it. If that’s not possible, at least agree on a standard party line.

As far as our date, we’ve talked about a lot of different ideas. Things change a lot when you’re thinking about a real wedding verses a hypothetical one. My “priorities” suddenly don’t seem that important anymore. If having a summer wedding means waiting for over 12 months, I’ll just wear a coat. If being on the beach means the girls from my Faith Group can’t come, I’ll get married in Pueblo. Having the picture perfect wedding isn’t what it’s about.

Stupid Hollywood, you’ve got it all wrong.

Up until last Friday I thought that I wanted a destination wedding. I’d keep it really small and simple with just close family. But now that it’s actually happening, I find I don’t want that at all. There are so many people over the last 30 years who have been an important part of my life … who have encouraged me, prayed for me, laughed and cried with me and walked through life with me. I want them there with me when I walk into this next season of life. I want them to witness and celebrate God’s goodness.

Plus, it’s gonna be a rockin’ party. Maybe (before Heaven) the biggest party of my life.

I’m not missing that.

5 thoughts on “The Wedding I Never Dreamed Of

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  1. Woohoo! Party! I liked the idea of a destination wedding (from a selfish standpoint) cause then we’d get a vacation, but I totally agree with your change of heart. All your peeps have got to be there.It’s gonna be awesome! I can’t wait!So what’s the date again?

  2. Chris, the date will be Aug 8. I’ve already booked my ticket. I hope that’s ok, Beck. Besides that, it’s MY 11th anniversary. Of course I’m kidding. I LOVE your thought process, Becky. This is going to be a really fun day! I can’t wait!!

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