That Did NOT Just Happen

Wanna hear a funny story? Cause I have a good one for you.

Cast of Characters:
Chris – my fiance
Brianne – a girl who works for Chris, a tiny little cute, bubbly blonde
Random Lady – a lady from Compassion’s Marketing Department

First let me set the scene.

For the past few months, every time this random lady passes Brianne in the hallway, she says “Hi Gretchen.” Brianne (who is one of the world’s sweetest girls) has not had it in her heart to correct her.

So the other day, Brianne is in the break room at lunchtime. She’s wearing one of those cute, poofy shirts that are trendy right now. And this is the conversation that followed:

Random Lady: Hi Gretchen.

Brianne (knowing she has to say something since others are listening): Uh, actually my name’s Brianne.

Random Lady: Come over here!

(Brianne walks over.)

Random Lady: That’s a cute shirt!

Brianne: Thanks.

Random Lady (eying Brianne’s left hand): Where is your ring?

Brianne: Ummm … I’m not married.

Random Lady: Oh I thought you and Chris Giovagnoni were having a baby.

Brianne: EXCUSE ME?! I’m his EMPLOYEE! And he’s engaged to Becky!

Random Lady: Oh, I see you together a lot. Well … you don’t look pregnant.

Remember when I accidentally made a similar mistake?

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