My Weekend in Photos

Friday morning very early I went went for a walk. There was a dense fog and visibility was only about a hundred yards. Everything was very muted and still. The only sound I could hear was the quiet squish of my crocs. The world felt very small and it felt like I (and my dog) were the only ones alive.

It looked like this …
Then I got to work and was greeted by the fragrant smell of Stargazer Lilys (my favorite flower.) My amazing brother (and his amazing wife) got me a beautiful bouquet for Valentine’s Day. Thanks, guys. Love you.

They look like this …

Saturday was beautiful and the perfect day for a hike. The sky was blue the color you only see in Colorado and the sun was shining.

The view at the top looked like this …
Not a bad weekend, huh? What did you do?

6 thoughts on “My Weekend in Photos

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  1. We went grocery shopping. Skipped church today cause of the snow and ice…wow…I spent most of the weekend reading. How boring…lol.Those are some great pics! The last one is just awesome, and tell whoever took it that they did a great job. What’s your dog’s name?Cheers.

  2. Reading is not boring! Well … I guess it depends on what you’re reading.My friend took the photo. I’ll tell her. My dog’s name is Havana. Best dog on the planet. 🙂

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