Weekend Update

Monday morning … mmmmmm. Even with two cups of coffee, I’m having trouble getting started with this week. So in the meantime, would you like the Weekend Update? (If not, I’d suggest you stop reading. Now.)

Friday night I went to a Wii/Karaoke party. It seems that I have God-given gift for Wii baseball. And now my shoulders are all kinds of sore. Pathetic, huh? And did you know that people assume that if you supply the karaoke machine, that you’ll also be the one leading the singing? Go figure.

On Saturday I had some friends over for breakfast and then went hiking with my new neighbor. Poor Havana has not had much time outdoors so she was bouncing off the walls. No, literally. She was running around so hard she kept running into walls. Anyway, we went to Red Rock Open Space. I’ve been wanting to go there for a long time. It was SWEET!!! Especially all the climbers … apparently it’s a very popular place for rock climbing. Unfortunately I left my camera in the trunk of my car so I have no pictures to show for it but I’ll definitely be back. And soon. And I DO have a nice sunburn on my shoulders as as result.

So now I have sore, sunburned shoulders.

Yesterday my new roommate moved in. Well, she moved her stuff in. And by stuff, I mean STUFF. She had a lot! (Hey Julisa!) Good thing I have a huge basement. But it meant many trips down and up the stairs which means sore legs today.

So. Because I’m one big mass of sore muscles, I don’t really feely bad that I ended the weekend sitting on the couch, crying over Extreme Home Makeover. That show seriously has me in tears every week.

What was your weekend like? Did you do something fun?

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